Frontline Computer Services is located in Richmond, Texas in Fort Bend County and has been serving the greater Houston, Texas and surrounding metropolitan areas since 1998. We help business owners and decision makers in small and medium businesses with 5 to 50 computers leverage their technology to reduce business risk, increase functionality, lower their overall cost of technology and provide peace of mind. We have worked with clients in a wide variety of industries including multi-family property management companies, independent insurance agencies, financial advisors, plumbing and construction contractors, industrial distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. We pride ourselves on our broad base of experience and have the expertise to help companies leverage technology and grow their businesses.




At Frontline Computer Services, we believe that if you DO what you SAY you are going to do, WHEN you say you will do it and always strive to MAKE IT RIGHT when you don’t get it right, you have 95% of your competition BEAT. We realize this may be viewed as an OLD-FASHIONED approach to business these days, but it is the FOUNDATION of ALL the long-standing PARTNERSHIPS we’ve forged with our clients since 1998!


We believe our personal work ethic and long-term view is the RIGHT way to create VALUE for our customers and promote trust. We aren’t interested in quick fixes or short-term goals. Instead, we love to build long-lasting relationships with companies that become much more than clients to us. Many of our customers are more like family and friends who rely on us for an integral part of their business success.

So if you’re looking for an IT company that understands the BIG picture, focuses on your long-term success and always treats you with kindness, fairness and respect, Contact Frontline Computer Services today. Call us old-fashioned if you must, but we believe that doing the right thing never goes out of style!