Whether we’re assessing your current network, fixing a nagging issue, performing a software upgrade or adding new hardware to your system, we take the time to communicate with our customers so they always know what’s happening. But it doesn’t stop there. We believe the key to great communication is LISTENING to our customers too. We want our customers to ask questions and tell us about their difficulties. It’s the best way we’ve found to add value to everything we do.



We keep great records on EVERYTHING. If we did it, there’s a record of it. We do this for our customers’ peace of mind as well as our own. There’s nothing worse than confronting the same problem over and over. By documenting what we do, we keep a record of our efforts, helping us to devise better systems and processes that prevent future problems. Plus, proper documentation means that you will never be “locked out” of your network and held hostage because the administrator password is in someone’s head and not on paper. You will always have the keys to the kingdom…and the confidence to fire us…if you are ever unhappy.



While surprises can be fun in many situations, we think you’ll agree that when it comes to your network, they are a thing to be avoided. At Frontline Computer Services, we completely agree. Our goal is “no surprises”. No surprise invoices, no surprise down time…no surprises…period.



Our goal is to fix it fast and fix it right the first time. Let’s be honest though, computer networks can get complicated and sometimes the answers aren’t always apparent or straight forward. IT folks tend to be pretty tenacious, it’s part of what makes us good at our jobs, however, it is important that we recognize when we need to ask for help too. Some guys don’t like to admit that they don’t know or can’t find an answer so they band aide the problem and never truly get it fixed. Our escalation process is designed so that we get the right resources on the issue in a timely manner and to ensure that it gets fixed permanently.



We sweat the small stuff. It is our goal to know our clients and their businesses so well that we are able to anticipate their needs and anticipate the ramifications of our work on their networks and computer systems. When we are finished working on an issue, it is our goal to always verify that the primary programs and functions used by that client are tested and verified before we wrap up a ticket to ensure that our work hasn’t had unanticipated and unexpected consequences and that the computer is working as expected. It’s just one more step that we take to ensure happy clients.



Everything we do from answering the phone, to the way we conduct ourselves at your office, to the way we explain our solutions, suggest upgrades or offer advice is built around our customers’ needs. Our focus is on building a strong, long-term relationship with every client we serve. We have many clients who have been with us from the beginning and many more that we’ve served for 10 years or more. We want our clients to trust us and rely on us whether they need a quick fix or a brand new server.