Yes, You Are A Target

Overview Many people mistakenly believe they are not a target for cyber attackers: that they, their systems, or accounts do not have any value. This could not be further from the truth. If you use technology in anyway, at work or at home, trust us – you have value to the bad guys. But, you…


Am I Hacked ?

Overview Just like driving a car, sooner or later you may have an accident no matter how secure you are. Below are clues to help figure out if you have been hacked and, if so, what to do. The sooner you identify something bad has happened, the more likely you can fix the problem Clues…


Thanksgiving Card Email Attachment

Now this is low.  I was sitting here at my desk working away and a new email just came in…     “Hmmm”, I said to myself, I don’t know a Nicholas Wood and “” doesn’t ring a bell.  “Wait, something is amiss here.  Could this be a phishing email wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving? …

Facebook data breach

Facebook data breach – What you need to know and do

Facebook announced a major security breach on September 28th. Details are available at Facebook reports that they don’t yet know exactly what information has been compromised, however, they did confirm that users who use Facebook to log into other accounts and apps may have gained access to those accounts and apps as well. Frontline…

DC Round Table Announcement

DC Roundtable Announcement

I’m super excited and honored to travel to our nation’s capital to represent Frontline Computer Services as a round-table panelist to discuss the topic of “Digital Resilience in the Wake of Natural Disaster”, tomorrow, July 25th. The event is being hosted by our vendor and partner, Datto, Inc., the industry leader in business continuity and…

Meltdown Spectre Kernel Vulnerability

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

As you have probably heard in the media, there are two recently discovered vulnerabilities, going by the names of Meltdown and Spectre, that affect most modern processors including Intel, AMD and ARM and affects Microsoft Windows as well as Android, Chrome, iOS and MacOS.  Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to obtain access…