If you’re like most small business owners with 5 or more computers, you rely on your technology to do your best work. Whether you’re looking up information in your contact management system, sending emails to prospective clients, printing customer invoices, shipping products or providing valuable services, when your computers slow to a crawl or your server goes down, everyone stops working and you start losing time and money.

When problems arise, you might rely on a tech-savvy employee to fix the problem or contact your computer support provider for help. In the meantime, things aren’t working, employees can’t do their work and customers are getting frustrated. When the problem is finally resolved and everyone gets back to work, you breathe a sigh of relief… Until the next time…

If any of this sounds familiar, we want you to know there’s a better way! A way to get the most from your technology without all the hassles, glitches and downtime.

At Frontline Computer Services we found out a long time ago that fixing customers’ computer problems as they happened just wasn’t enough. No matter how fast we responded or how well we fixed things, customers still had to deal with the problem to begin with, worrying about the downtime until the problem was fixed. We became glorified fire fighters, frantically going from one job to the next, doing our best to fix things as quickly as possible.

But we quickly discovered that if we could PREVENT the majority of our customers’ problems from happening in the first place, we could actually provide BETTER support with FEWER resources. This PROACTIVE approach aligns our goals with our customers’ needs and creates a WIN-WIN situation for everyone.




We use sophisticated computer technology to monitor your computers and your network for problems BEFORE they happen. This enables our techs to download patches, keep virus software up to date and perform the necessary, regular maintenance that your systems need to keep running efficiently. The result? You have fewer issues, glitches and problems. You get to keep working, knowing that everything is being handled.

When something does break, we fix it right away, either remotely or onsite. Our onsite service is available across Fort Bend county, Houston, TX and the surrounding area.

Finally, since we know your network and your computers so well, we’re in a great position to recommend upgrades, new security policies and new software, so you stay ahead of the curve and get the most from your technology.

And we do all of this for one, flat monthly service fee every month. We call it Managed Services and we believe it’s the best way to support our customers and their networks.


Everything Works and Keeps Working


Our proactive approach PREVENTS most problems BEFORE they turn into downtime!

Predictable Support Costs


It’s easy to budget your IT support costs and always know what you’ll need to spend, month after month to keep your systems running smoothly.

24/7 Support


You have a trusted ally you can rely on to handle any technology problem. We monitor your systems for critical problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide remote & onsite support when you need it.

So if you’re tired of dealing with computer glitches, server downtime and the pressure of handling everything on your own, get the network support your business network deserves. Contact Frontline Computer Services today to find out if a managed services plan is right for you! We’ll even provide a FREE network assessment to help you get started!